When you are around me, you are in a constant Satsang. It is for you, for your heart. It changes your life on a very profound level. It gives you exactly what you can take at that time. Breaking down old outworn structures and beliefs and rebuilding what is important for your next step. I know, that this is how my teacher, Sai Baba, wants me to be ... a generator for His love and transformation for everybody who is ready. He molded me into that which I am now. One of my students put it in beautiful words: “You are in a conspiracy with Sai Baba to fully change me and smash me. It’s your conspiracy with God to make me happy”. This is what is happening now. And this is part of what is.

I know that God inside of you wants to become more alive through me, and that which is God inside of you chooses me to assist you in that.

 That which is God inside of me is God inside of you. So in every moment I share my full being with you,  sharing that which I am with you. In order to open the flow of awareness into your patterns I often need to act out being your mother, father, brother, uncle, whomever, and that's the hard part for me and for you.  This is the hardest task, there is no harder task than transformation. And it is a VERY tough thing to go there. To look at our own darkness is the toughest challenge ever. If you look inside of yourself, what you might find there might be the most disgusting energies ever. And the deeper you dig, the worse it gets. This is where your doubts set in, and I tell you, better don’t do it if you are not up for it. All the history of what has happened; atrocities, people killing each other… it’s all inside of us in our DNA, our subconscious.

For me it’s a balance-act, like walking on a razor's edge. Trying to maintain a certain life-harmony, love and ease, and at the same time trying to lift up people which may have little or no understanding of how transformation works. So this is the important part: I need a lot of willingness from your part to change. As long as that willingness is there, we can work and be together. If you think you’re here because it’s cheap, or looks fun, or cool, or others do it, or just out of curiosity, it’s not the right place.

Transformation comes first

I’m not giving anybody a new model of life. I’m just taking away what you are not. And this is what every spiritual teacher should do. Because who you are is God, constant happiness and bliss. Each time you let something go you come a little closer to that. The spiritual path is the path of unlearning, it’s the path of letting go. Not learning more, but letting go of that which you’ve learned. Because life, as it is, it’s fantastic, it’s amazing. So, I assist you, just for you to be in That.
Like everybody, we try to have a good and peaceful life in our SACRED group. For this to work, we have certain agreements of honesty and transparency together. They are there to have a normal, human living situation together. So I will not teach you that you have to meditate several hours a day. But definitely when old patterns are emerging, or your pain body is playing up, it is for you to work on it, going through it, diving into it, and letting it go. Ego patterns disturb the functioning of all the people around us, so if we are in a group, it disturbs the whole group. This also counts for me, I am not excluded, and I don't want to be. I love having feedback and healing from people I fully trust. Whatever somebody is going through at any given time, they have always the full support, deep insights and understanding of the other group members.

Being happy doesn’t mean to be ready to dance every moment. Being happy means to feel content and knowing that “what I’m doing is right”, and so, feeling good about yourself. The invitation is that of being healthy in a way of being conscious of our own energy and of being emotionally transparent.

The invitation is to live through guidance

I am only engaging in situations, where Sai Baba's"Innernet" confirms: “O.K., this is what I provide and bless, this is where the energy goes for you, this is how it is the optimum for you and everybody you meet”. You are not reading this by coincidence, that is not the energy behind. I am answering your prayers of finding a better way of living and showing you by example that this is possible. God never does anything, even for one second, just by a coincidence, nor anything that does not really make any sense. Everything is always 100% perfect.
It is something we always know in our group, that whatever we do, it is the will of God. This is my whole life purpose, to always follow exactly what God wants me to do. My students constantly practice to be tuned into the energy of: “Whatever I am doing right now is that what God, my Higher Self, Universal orchestration, wants me to experience in this moment”. In this way one can put up with any problem, because you know God wants you to face that.
Without challenges nobody can grow. When you accept the fact, that you are in a school of life, you can relax into it and say, “I’m in a learning process”. Then transformation can happen, it will do something for you.