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"A profound gift just in the healing offered - utterly life changing from the core of my karmic patterns, deeper and swifter than anything I've ever encountered before. And what's more we can now continue with this process ourselves - astonishing grace. Thank you for the masterful skillful means and palpably deep love we were all met with and that I feel is still blessing me <3."

C. S.

"The most amazing 4 days of my life, 
I had some of the most profound experiences (like having the colored filter I've been looking through my whole life removed) and some subtle experiences (like seeing my heart shift in the most beautiful and peaceful ways), all beyond words and all life changing.
I had such a struggle to get there and I can't imagine life without it.
Raaman truly has an amazing gift and its such a blessing to see and share in it. it must be experienced to believed.
not only were we blessed by his presence, also by his students, Kalindi, Alia and Kumari, all beautiful souls who were there to guide and support us through the experience.
I'm so so grateful for my experiences with Raaman, they will stay with me for lifetimes.
I'm so grateful to learn this technique to release karma,
I feel i finally have a tool I can work with and put my heart into.
I"m so grateful i'll never express it in words, god knows what my life would be without it.
thank you everyone who was there with me and for everyone involved, thank you for helping me find god.
<3 <3 <3 "
Greatest love.
P. C.

"Words don't even come close to expressing the gratitude that shines from my heart.. Thank you to all whom showed such courage over the weekend...willing to open the wounds and shed the illusion... Opening self to the grace of God... Infinite gratitude to Raaman and the team for being thy instruments of Gods Love... I feel truly blessed and look forward to continuing this journey back home..". L. C.
"Sometimes in life God, the Universe, your higher self - however you see it - gifts you with a blessing so big it's hard to sometimes fathom how you could be so blessed.
Well this has happened to me recently when fate led me to one of Raaman's group healings :)
I call it keyhole surgery for something/s specific I can see is a recurring pattern in my life, and in our families - whether it be negative circumstances manifested, destructive subconscious behavior, disease physical or mental or deep negative emotions. Don't get me wrong our lives are amazing and so rich in blessing - but everyone has them - little things here and there that may sometimes even seem to be easy to miss - but that are having huge effects on our lives.
Raaman and the girls ability to specifically see every time the exact time and event where this started, and assist you to pull it out of your consciousness from the roots is still a little astounding for me with its precision accuracy and immediate change in subconscious behavior.
My romantic, family, friends and meeting new people relationships has spiraled up in its potency of authenticity, open heartedness and true love that is exchanged to a noticeable such higher magnitude.
My focus with my business and direction in life - my clarity has also opened up to a level I knew was possible but hadn't reached before :)
I spent some time with Raaman and the girls, my heart exploded in the deepest gratitude and thankfulness for them to hold the space of transformation that they do, and for myself - stepping through all of my resistance, situations created to stop me coming, doubts, stories created - all if it - just following the light of my heart...
I always know what I want - from my heart and soul - and I must say I've wowed myself with allowing this in my life :)
I wrote this to express my thanks and Joy :) and also to say if this has sparkled for you - if you"e seen the events and felt a calling to go but "something's conveniently come up" - then just come - push through it and follow your heart - it's always stronger than ego :)
Love and Blessings and let's do this - it's definitely time for me :)".

P. P.

"I'm still in bliss after this amazing Workshop. Thanks to all the beautiful souls, brothers and sisters who where there. Everybody was learning so fast how to apply the SACRED tools and channel Truth. Amazing openings happened and so much love was shared... I'm feeling so grateful for all the miracles. 
My heart is singing of joy, happiness and love. 
Thank you to all the wonderful people and thank you Raaman !!!"

K. B.