How Raaman works

“Every master has certain ways how to help a person to fall back into their essence; through touch, looking into their eyes, different ways. My way is to see what kind of pattern, what kind of fears, what kind of energy is right now keeping you stuck and busy in your mind. And when we together release this from you, it creates a space for Divinity to enter and for you to fall back into your heart. And as we are doing it together in a group, it acts as a very effective, deep and strong awakening for every participant.

From past lives we carry a lot of karma, wounds, wars, defenses, within us. We are all acting out these wounds with every person we meet. We think those structures belong to us. Only when somebody makes us aware that we can actually let go of them, then we see: “Oh, that’s not really me, and it has never been"..

So, like this, slowly, slowly, we become aware and let go of that which is not our shining light, our true Self.

I’m not giving anybody a new model of life. I’m just taking away that, which you are not. And this is what every spiritual teacher should do. Because who you are is God; constant happiness and bliss. And each time you let something go, you move a little closer to that. And you know that, you’ve experienced it. The spiritual path is the path of unlearning, it’s the path of letting go. Not learning more but letting go of that which you have learned. Because life, as it is, in it’s simplicity and purity is fantastic, it’s amazing. So I am here to guide you into the celebration of THAT..”