I know exactly what is going to happen, if I do this or that...

Aren't we so familiar with this one? Repeating it over and over again..? 

Yes and that's exactly what's going to happen..Because our will comes first..and as "my" will is born out of pain, it's just being repeated..over and over again..Excluding the other 9999 (just a number) happy possibilities, that the Universe could provide you with, if you would not be so insisting on having your unresolved pain pattern repeated. And..putting each person involved in it into this attitude, till they are tired and worn of it..and leave you..only to be substituted with the next person becoming the re-an-actor of your drama/s..As we see right now in the world..we not let go of our attitudes, we rather constantly exchange the people mirroring them back to us. More convenient..? 

Yes, as long as you are young and sexy..and you are a willing participant in the field of experimental and exploratory Relationships..Being hip and trendy and all over the planet and managing in keeping these nagging feelings of loneliness at bay.. with whatever escapism and legal or not so legal drugs provided.. Yes, it does work..Short time pleasures versus long term self love and self confidence.. Is this system already too far gone?? Is that what is deemed mainstream in normal society and New Age life already so much drowned in 9 -5 prefabricated lifestyles and saturated in alternative lifestyle behaviours, which is so easy to adapt to, especially as it has turned into a meeting place of easily exchangeable partnerships as nobody is expecting a lasting or long term conscious relationship there anyhow..challenges and mutual growth involved. "I was in a conscious Relationship for 8 month".. yes, go on, the next one is surely waiting for you, the next desperate soul waiting for you to provide them with the excitement of a new adventure avoiding any depths and possibility of meeting which the soul is so much longing for in order to be seen and making life a worth wile experience..

Yes, unless we do believe in reincarnation and that there are many more opportunities for self exploration and transformation to come in future life times, it often looks like this society is too much indulging in it's downward journey already..happily and ignorant..!

Heaven and Hell

A man asked God:" What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?"

God said: " Come with me, I show you"

God opened a door showing a room where people had a very long spoons, trying to eat some soup from a pot in front of them. Because of the long cutlery, they didn't succeed, and they were lamenting, screaming and shouting in frustration and hunger.

Raaman’s tools for the more practical mind…

I am often being asked why and how Sacred manages to bring up those patterns and negative feelings that our day to day mind supresses so successfully, that we hardly know that they are even there.

There are several tools being at hand for this on the Sacred path:

First and foremost is the energy radiated by Raaman. It is a very deep but subtle loving energy which penetrates the client’s energy field, and causes and furthers transformation processes.

A path into more sensitivity

The spiritual path is a path into more sensitivity towards oneself, the environment and the people around us. We transform the gross into the subtle, the hard into the flowing, hate, anger, greed and egotist self-motivated tendencies into learning how to truthfully live together. As Baba puts it very simple: "The journey home is the journey from I to We".

What can SACRED really do??

SACRED is a divinely supported Path for self-purification. It is a direct approach into dissolving patterns and karmic residues keeping one stuck and hopeless when trying to change oneself. It’s a "the more you use it, the faster it works" tool. It comes with excitement about the miracles of transformation: "Who might I be in two weeks?"  This in turn constantly increases your enthusiasm about letting go and surrendering more and more. Whatever shows up, whatever you are ready to face and let go ... NO limits.

Speck in the eye

Our so called ego is all the pain which we have adapted ourselves to live with. It is like viruses and malwares in our brain-computer; it still works, but how?? Looking at the current state of the world, and inside of ourselves, we rather succumb ourselves to numbing activities or escape into more or less socially accepted addictions in order not to be too aware of what's going on. Keeping ourselves busy and drugged up enough so we can easily shut out the sweet and low voice of our warning conscience.