I release...

Here are a couple of examples how we detected and released self-sabotaging abundance issues. They are taken from an actual Sacred Healing Satsang. Feel free to repeat those sentences aloud for yourself right now to surrender any resemblances inside of yourself with these issues.

 1st Release

The participant revealed herself sabotage issues about money and when I read her Akashic records, I saw her conflict lived out in a past life 14 lifetimes ago, where she had chosen the money class instead of being alive.

 "I release believing, that being rich disconnects me from my true friends and my feelings. I don't want to be rich".

The client present had this strong inner aversion and self-sabotage program running as she experienced it in several reoccurring situations by herself in her past in this life. "I release all the beliefs from my past lives, where I have been well-off financially, about wealth bringing out the worst in my character and limiting my life experience to an artificial rich and boring surrounding”.

“I release believing, that an abundance of money will limit my life into dullness and feeling numb". We noted here the resemblance to the blockbuster movie "Titanic", where "The rich to be" main actress wants to commit suicide in order to escape being married into the artificial, stiff and deadly-boring "Upper Deck" society, and then after being rescued by a tramp-like character joins the wild and happy 3rd-class lowest deck dancing crowd. Discovering and living out all her passion and so far hidden dreams. A perfect analogy of this conflict between being rich versus being alive!!

"I release believing, that too much money makes my life dead, boring and numbs me completely! And that I have to pay the price of poverty to feel alive. I release avoiding a comfortable money inflow by all means!"

A huge upliftment of energy was felt by all participants after this release...

2nd Release

Another participant was a man used to living on very little financial comfort, travelling a lot and depending on people’s charity, even though his art and abilities could provide him easily with a lot of financial safety.

I saw a past life here 8 lifetimes ago, where he was a wandering monk and became fixed on experiencing GOD's presence by being rescued by God, through being provided the barest means of survival all the time. And the subsequent belief formed, that if I allow enough money, I will not feel God's love and care for me anymore, when I need it the most.

"I RELEASE believing that too much money will eliminate God's presence in my life. I release my resistance to accept an inflow of money. I release my resistance to the tangible presence of God through meditation, prayers and dreams. And release limiting God's power and possibilities into my expectancies of HIM. I release believing, that GOD can only choose one channel to enter my world to comfort me in my need of HIM." This was a huge relief and release for the person.

As we see here on these 2 examples the self-sabotage patterns are very strong beliefs and always different in each person.

No two are the same. Every person is their own Universe, and only by willing to 'look inside' we can discover these life-limiting beliefs and patterns.