A path into more sensitivity

The spiritual path is a path into more sensitivity towards oneself, the environment and the people around us. We transform the gross into the subtle, the hard into the flowing, hate, anger, greed and egotist self-motivated tendencies into learning how to truthfully live together. As Baba puts it very simple: "The journey home is the journey from I to We". We do become aware how certain foods impact our moods, how moods affect our thoughts, and how these thoughts become our habits and attitudes and therefore form our character. We feel an inner calling to take in purer and cleaner nourishment, and not only as food, but also the air we breathe and the water we drink. And most importantly, the people we share our energy with. As my teacher says: when you have bad food, it passes through your body in a day or two, but the energy field of negative friends will poison you for a very long time. This is why Baba says: ABC of life is "Avoid Bad Company"

It is impossible to endeavour to become aware of one's inner voice, to listen to your inner wisdom, to feel the flow, as long as one is a smoker, or indulges in coffee, sugar and occasional alcohol. The purpose of these drugs is to numb oneself, so they are totally contradictory towards the spiritual goal of becoming aware and awake. It is a hand in hand process. As we willingly release the charge of our negative emotions, we will easily rise above the grosser levels of human existence. And it is an amazing experience to feel, that the faster you let go, the faster the process takes you.

Once you are sincerely committed to the path of awareness and freedom, you step from the slow train of New Age mass consciousness onto a rocket of self-development. Which will be rewarding you with joy, inner peace and happiness never even dreamed of or imagined before. The invitation to this path is there for everybody, and it is very individual. When you are ready to surrender to the guidance of your higher self, it will take you there.