Raaman’s tools for the more practical mind…

I am often being asked why and how Sacred manages to bring up those patterns and negative feelings that our day to day mind supresses so successfully, that we hardly know that they are even there.

There are several tools being at hand for this on the Sacred path:

First and foremost is the energy radiated by Raaman. It is a very deep but subtle loving energy which penetrates the client’s energy field, and causes and furthers transformation processes. This is a phenomena around many (advanced) teachers, and why people actually like to be around them. When people go to traditional masters, they are usually just absorbing their energies and often remain confused as they don't know, what is going on in them, and which process is working on them. As this automatically occurring energy transmission triggers all kind of fears, as well as similar known but undefinable negative energies, unfortunately people are often blaming the trigger (the teacher) for his service. This does not usually happen on the path with Raaman, provided that people are willing to face the truth and let go. Instead Raaman guides people into awareness of the patterns and processes showing up, speaking to people in a language they can understand. It is a conscious process.

On a more material level, Raaman also makes use of Homoeopathy and Bach flower remedies. They are different in their actions, but nevertheless assist in bringing latent stuck emotional blockages into flow. In this way stuck and deeply buried supressed energies, which are showing up in us as chronic diseases, can be made acute and then be traced through the Sacred process to their roots. Then with the SACRED work they can eventually be successfully released out of our system and DNA. It needs a lot of experience and trust into the inner guidance to peel off those layers of denial we have built up inside of us over many lifetimes.

Another one of Raaman’s very efficient instruments for healing is his Sacred water-work. It is bodywork similar to Watsu, practised in the water, preferably open sea. This riggers and releases feelings that often originate from the time when the client was an embryo in the womb. The session can induce a deep and dramatic transformation and can also just be extremely relaxing and freeing. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about "Watsu".

These methods together constitute a very powerful healing for the individual meeting and receiving work from Raaman.