Speck in the eye

Do not see the speck in the eye of the other, yet not notice log in your own eye...

I do not believe, that there is any faculty or ability in us, which is not meant for our wellbeing. In the Sacred work we use these faculties for healing. Because it is true… it is so much easier so perceive other fellow’s patterns than our own. Why? Very simple; we are not identified with it, it is not incorporated in us, and we are not living with it a whole life, or maybe lifetimes. That's the stuff our karma is made of. So by being not being attached to it, we can use our neutrality, and observe and help release the other person’s traumas, wounds and guilt together with them. It’s like the joke of the two famous clairvoyants meeting and asking each other: Hi, how am I today??

Our so called ego is all the pain which we have adapted ourselves to live with. It is like viruses and malwares in our brain-computer; it still works, but how?? Looking at the current state of the world, and inside of ourselves, we rather succumb ourselves to numbing activities or escape into more or less socially accepted addictions in order not to be too aware of what's going on. Keeping ourselves busy and drugged up enough so we can easily shut out the sweet and low voice of our warning conscience.

When we come to a point in our lives, where we don't want to play these deadening games anymore, and start looking for a way out of them, we easily feel overwhelmed by the multitude of New Age healing techniques offered. It is not easy, to find a way of therapy or healing that really works. For the beginner on the self-healing path everything feels so impressive, and one might get easily distracted for a whole lifetime in trying different methods, teachings and therapies.

We have to use our common sense relying on the essence of all ancient and traditional paths. It is always the same; letting go of what we are not, in order to become who we truly are already. Removing the clouds of ignorance, so the sun of awareness can shine forth through us. Using the fire of awareness to burn our karmic tendencies. Cleaning, polishing and cutting the diamond so we can delight in its splendour. There are countless more metaphors for this necessary path of self-purification. And this is all we can do... to make place for God in our life, by surrendering and releasing our pain. We must become a hollow flute, so God Krishna can play His divine tunes through us. This is our offering, our sacrifice, our penance. As long as we are filled with our own ideas, how can we accept inspirations and act on Intuition and internal wisdom which is offered to us constantly through our Inner voice?

The trademark of the advanced seeker on the spiritual path is that s/he knows, that all I need and have to do, is to let go. Then it is just about finding and practicing the most effective, painless and fastest method so one can feel and recognize its effect by having eliminated those pains being dealt with. As the outside is clearly a reflection of our inside, that what we release in us, cannot appear on the outside anymore. Very few methods can live up to this test.