What can SACRED really do??

Sacred IS A TOOL for very effective, astounding easy and immediate rewarding transformation.

This makes it very unusual among the methods which are offered on the self-healing and self-development market. Most people who try to walk this path give up after they encountered many different therapies and techniques for self-betterment, which mostly prove to be very slow, painful, and keep you stuck in the pattern you try to open and get rid of. As a result there is very seldom any lasting noticeable change happening in you as a client. If you ever tried to change yourself, you know, what I am talking about here. There are so many methods offered; from tapping to cupping, from primal scream to deepest silence, from acupuncture to acupressure, from Theta to beta, from Hot Yoga to cold water rebirthing, from Shiatsu to Watsu, from Tantra to Yantra with a Mantra.

Transformation has deteriorated into a fashionable market of superfoods, diets, dresses, incense and New Age attitudes that go with them. Most of us are aware of an inner need for self-enquiry and a Letting go of what is not longer serving us, but how can one do it??

The SACRED work, though much easier and faster, is very similar to an inbuilt mechanism which occurs to every one of us several times in our lives. A questioning and letting go of that which has been so near and dear to us. Friends and lovers saying Goodbye, our body’s health and material things are breaking down, careers and the safe life are suddenly in a limbo for no apparent reason.  This happens to everyone, regardless of how advanced on the spiritual ladder we are.

SACRED is a divinely supported Path for self-purification. It is a direct approach into dissolving patterns and karmic residues keeping one stuck and hopeless when trying to change oneself. It’s a "the more you use it, the faster it works" tool. It comes with excitement about the miracles of transformation: "Who might I be in two weeks?"  This in turn constantly increases your enthusiasm about letting go and surrendering more and more. Whatever shows up, whatever you are ready to face and let go ... NO limits.

In my experience with many students in the SACRED Sangha it takes on average from 14 to 16 month to free the individual from the bondage of illusion. What does that mean? It means, that the inert intention of deriving satisfaction from the illusionary game (money, sex, reputation), that is in all human beings, is being substituted into following one’s own guidance. This is a guiding energy, which feels right in the heart and shows itself as "The Flow", as truthful living, visions, dreams… It is something higher that leads us into self-satisfaction and self-confidence, into liking ourselves, and giving us a feeling of being in the right place at the right time, regardless of outer circumstances. It gives us the deepest joy of being from within our own integrity and genuineness.

Most people who try to change themselves give up the attempt very soon and surrender themselves to compensating attitudes and addictions. Our so called civilized world and its machinery of deceit relies on this.  As the saying goes:" The road to freedom is strewn with the abandoned vehicles of the fainthearted." But I don't see it as cowardice; I know that transformation is a hard job. The toughest ever weeks, months, sometimes years festering in a pattern with no way out. The dark night of the soul turning into an endless depression. When seeking assistance in this void of darkness the so-called channels are often contradicting each other in their advice, after charging a lot of money for their services leading nowhere. Even the most willing and eager individuals are giving up after a short time and start looking for an easier way of dealing with life. "Let's do something more fun and easy, I have enough of this transformation stuff" is a common attitude after burning one’s fingers in it one too many times, never getting anywhere.

Almost every person has tried one way or another… because we have to. It is our soul’s incessant calling to freedom. It can be very faint in the background of our daily thoughts, but never fully extinguished.

So we learn to live with the conflict of not following the call. As we grow older we start becoming sarcastic about another missed and wasted lifetime, ending up lonely, bitter and dwelling in whatever disease in order to attract some pity for our condition from our relatives or friends. If you think, that this is too much of a negative picture, ask around and you will find a society full of those who have given up their life to psychological medications, painkillers, drug addictions of varying degrees, overeating and other compulsive behaviours and neuroses.

When I work with people and release the patterns on top, all these unhealthy attitudes just fall away. There is no need for them anymore after removing the underlying patterns. The stress and tension is gone and we start enjoying our life again. It sounds too simple, too easy, but it is really what SACRED can do.