Heaven and Hell

A man asked God:" What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?"

God said: " Come with me, I show you"

God opened a door showing a room where people had a very long spoons, trying to eat some soup from a pot in front of them. Because of the long cutlery, they didn't succeed, and they were lamenting, screaming and shouting in frustration and hunger.

God commented: "This is obviously hell, right?"

Then he opened another door, and people had the same situation with the long spoons, but now they were using them to feed and nourish each other. Everybody is happy, smiles at each other, and is content in an overflow of love and joy.

So life is not about the tools we are given, but how we use them to uplift each other.

Or as Sai Baba puts it into simple words with: "The spiritual path is the journey from the "I" to the "WE". His main motto guiding us on that way: Love all - Serve all and Help ever - Hurt never.

This is exactly what we do together in Sacred: We are committed to the highest service humans can do for each other. Freeing us and others from the negativity which blocks us from the light and love of God. As the "Course in Miracles" announces: "Do not look for the light, look for those obstacles you have put inside of you against the light".

 Whenever one participates in a Sacred workshop or follow up practising day, the energy of divine presence, compassion and it's outflow of Grace can be felt by everybody. It is the creation of heaven on earth.