Healing sexuality in SACRED Healing Encounters

Deeply ingrained in the human psyche is the idea, that there is a separation between God and sexuality. Maybe it originates from the idea of "Original sin" or the "Fall from Grace" when Eve accepted the apple of knowledge from the serpent and shared it with Adam. But how can the Creator of all condemn it's own creation?

In our work we very often uncover sexuality related issues that blocks a clients creativity, aliveness and happiness. Sexual energy is a major factor in defining our individuality. We feel the interference of that energy as the most hindering in our life's flow. In several stages of puberty every human undergoes it's process of individualization and the positive support or lack of it in these stages of "growing up" will define our future attitude to this strong force inside of us. SACRED promotes the idea of sexual expression in alignment with every bodies conscience and awareness in a deepening of intimacy in which people agree to strengthen their connection by making themselves more accessible and vulnerable to each other. In it's healthy expression it fulfills our expectations to create a feeling of satisfaction, contentment and strengthening of bonds with our chosen partner. If these expectations are consistently not met with our lover we might suspect, that something went wrong somewhere along our upbringing. The current New Age and main stream approach is to resolve these issues by introducing methods, toys and techniques which often originate from foreign culture circles. Following those exotic ideas will alienate us even more from our inherent individual expression of femininity and masculinity by trapping us in concepts of "how it should work". These futile forms of correction are in it's best form a temporary distraction and in it's worst outcome a deepening of confusion and questioning of ones inherent ability to share the most precious gifts we can give to each other.

All SACRED practitioner solely rely on the principles of healing outlined in 'A Course of Miracles': "Healing can not happen by controlling or correcting symptoms. It can only happen by changing the mind, that created those symptoms". Unless we make the effort to uncover and release the underlying reasons of our shortcomings we can not expect a different outcome in our behaviors and attitudes. For this successfully to happen we offer all of our SACRED encounters to Higher Guidance. And we experience as in any other healing encounter full support, directions and insights from Divine guidance to resolve the underlying issues. These are mostly related to experiences of misuse and abuse in childhood. Even karmic connections will be uncovered, forgiven and balanced. SACRED Healing encounters are igniting and strengthening your bond to your inherent divinity. They are fully confidential, complete in itself and ignite a deep and lasting process of transformation. Clients and practitioners remain fully clothed and physical contact is not involved.