Meeting Raaman

When you hear Raaman’s name, when he comes into your life, what will happen? 

You don’t meet somebody that strokes your ego, you meet somebody that does tough work. When you come with an open heart and open receptive hands he does more than you can ever expect, and he opens big doors of freedom for you. Raaman applies Truth, relentless Truth, radical Truth, to open the energy for Love to flow into your being and to fill you. Truth is what’s needed for Love to be ignited and he has many tools to trigger your Ego into submission.

Most likely you are on this site because Existence has brought Raaman into your periphery, answering your conscious or unconscious prayers.  Coming from this point, the meeting will be the most beneficial for you, because GOD, Existence has already paved the way for you. You have already surrendered to something Higher than your ego and fears. This is the best point to start from in meeting Raaman, because your Higher Self, that what is already truth inside of you, knows best, how and where to guide you for your next step.                                                                  

This site intends to give you some more insights about Raaman, his work, life and mission, and what you can expect from an Encounter with him.

 Raaman looks through all facades, masks and denials of every sincere seeker. He picks you up where you are stuck and lost in your life or spiritual development at this point, and catapults you onto the next level, if you allow this. 

 Raaman's guidance opens new pathways for you. You feel it, something essential has been shifted … hopelessness and loneliness have been sent their way, aliveness and vitality taking their place.