S.A.C.R.E.D. Group

"Deep inside of me I always carried the vision of a community of people that wants to live in truth, mutual respect and which are willing to make their personal transformation a priority in order to spiritually uplift them-self and the people they come in touch with!

I felt it like a longing from my soul. I spent a lot of time experiencing many groups, their leaders and teachers, their ideas and concepts of how to live in a day to day truth… Literally living a life from the heart. And I saw, that each group is as advanced as the fears and denial and the resulting manipulation of their Leader- teacher allows.

I would definitely not feel safe to surrender and open myself to anybody who still has any personal motivations and who’s life is not fully guided by Higher inspiration in every aspect of their lives. Not just as a demonstration in Satsangs or Workshops conducted by them. In too many teachers I saw this deep gulf of what they show in public, and who they are in their day to day life.  And the resulting secrecy and denials among their followers to protect their leader’s shortcomings. That was not for me. Therefore I dropped the idea of participating in something like that and put this vision to sleep.

When I followed Sathya Sai Baba’s call to visit him in his Ashram in India, I had no clue where this might lead to. But in him and the teachings he so perfectly embodies I found everything and much more than I was ever dreaming of or looking for, in order to satisfy my soul’s hunger for inner peace, gentle guidance and wisdom from within. Sharing this profound experience of transformation with millions of other people who have devoted their lives to him and his omnipresence of love.

Being in this Avatars physical presence 10 hours each day for 12 years transformed every aspect of my life. And eventually I was becoming the teacher I was looking for. Not that I claim 100% unquestionable perfection, but living up to my own high standards of transparency in my interactions, always allowing and inviting guidance and advice directly or channeled through my students/friends. As the SANGHA takes actively part in these attunement processes they learn by experience that a higher all serving truth is always available if one is willing to surrender their personal ego ambitions. And that the results of these “tunings in to Spirit” are often not detectable as being beneficial on a short term base, but finding their fulfillment and purpose when we look back much later and recognizing how it has served our present situation.

Even though I am obviously the guide for my students, I also feel myself part of a divine experiment in living on guidance from my teacher Sai Baba. Named the path of dharma, it involves a constant surrender and living in humility towards a higher impersonal all serving truth and erases all personal desires and goals on the way.

By practicing, sharing and teaching the SACRED path, I feel ensured, that I serve everybody in coming closer to themselves and relaxing into their inborn matrix of peace and happiness. In this I follow the ancient tradition of every spiritual guide before me and hopefully inspire my students to staying on this path too. Generating their inner wisdom through their personal vessel and coloring and benefiting those spiritual seekers, who will feel drawn to them.”