God never turns away from us

God never turns his back against us. God is love, God is our Creator. The Creation is never apart from the Creator. It’s very much like parents and children, however naughty or nasty the child is, the parents are always forgiving and loving, sometimes they might correct a little bit, but they always support the child.

To lift ourselves we need a teacher

Once you play God’s game, the game becomes so beautiful; you give a shit about your business and relationships. Then you can truly play. Until that time you always feel that something is wrong, everything is effort… business, relationships, and nobody likes me, competition and jealousy and envy… And then suddenly one day you go: “ok, God, I’m fully exhausted, I can’t do it anymore.” And God says: “Finally! Now you are with me my child”. Then he takes you by the hand and says: “ok, let’s have an amazing life together”.

Power of our thoughts

Most of us underestimate the power of our thoughts. With your thoughts you create constantly your world. Most of these thoughts originate from fear, this why it’s so important to get out the fears. Because the less fear you have, the less thoughts you have. The less fear, the less thoughts, the more God can take over.      

Find inside those beliefs that block the energy flow

We have to find those beliefs in us which our blocking the energy flow. It doesn’t work that you have inside of yourself: “I never have enough money, I never have enough money, my parents where starving and we were always fighting to have enough food on the table”… and run around with the tape:”I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich”.

The negative programs are emotionally charged, so they are connected to your emotions, in this way they have power.

Unfortunately these programs are not only from this lifetime. They are from our childhood, they are inherited from our ancestors , and they are from past lives. So the viruses are seated very deep in the software.

About enlightenment and patterning

I think it’s very important to clear the myth that when enlightenment, awakening, this moment, has happened all identification, all suffering, is over. You are able to remove yourself from the identification with it (the suffering). But if you do not work on yourself, it adds up and it poisons that which is enlightenment, the clouds in front of the sun can get so thick that the light cannot shine through anymore.

The first spiritual achievement is when you like yourself

Your first spiritual achievement is when you like yourself, when you are yourself’s best friend. This means you are content with yourself, you like yourself, you like to be with yourself and you are not looking all the time in the outside: “new car! new this! new this!…. and then I’m o.k.” “I like myself, I’m o.k”.From that point on you are living your life. That’s the first step, from that point on you don’t need anything else in the outside determining, qualifying you.

It does not depend on the outside, it’s an inner joy, an inner contentment. It’s a feeling where you know you are a part of the Universe, and because you are a part of the Universe, you are part of God. And so that Universe, that God, takes care of you.