About enlightenment and patterning

Krimea, Ukraine July 17th 2013

By bringing your consciousness back into your heart, it’s also removing those blockages that you currently have which do not allow you to perceive your own divinity at this moment.

Every soul who is living is enlightened. Everybody is enlightened. We are in enlightenment. Our thoughts, idea and beliefs formed through our karma and whatever ideas from society, are not allowing this enlightenment to shine. Everybody deals with that.

I was just in Berlin working with the founder and organizer of a yearly enlightenment congress. And they make the whole congress, last year and this year, a forum that’s it’s all about enlightenment and patterning.

When we are not in patterning, even for a common person, we feel enlightened. In the moment you let go of your patterning, you have afterwards about three days were the light fully goes through you and you have actually an enlightened experience.

Waking up, making the shift of enlightening your Self, doesn’t mean that you are out of ego. It means that you are not identified with it anymore, hopefully.

So they have this yearly congress of enlightened people from Europe to find the way of what is the way and how to deal with those phases where your patterning is up and the ego is having a big time. I was very happy to have this founder and organizer in my satsangs, and we had a beautiful connection because we also shared a similar point of view.

Enlightenment, or awakening, is not the end of all patterning. You are removed because you are aware of your true nature. And also enlightenment means that you know that you are an eternal soul. It means that if you have the grace of enlightenment in this lifetime, and if you have your patterning, next life time you come back and your patterning draws you back into your karma state again.

And I think it’s very important to clear the myth that when enlightenment, awakening, this moment, has happened all identification, all suffering, is over. You are able to remove yourself from the identification with it (the suffering). But if you do not work on yourself, it adds up and it poisons that which is enlightenment, the clouds in front of the sun can get so thick that the light cannot shine through anymore.

Being aware of this, having been with masters like Sai Baba and many others, Amma and Ramana, for 14 years, living in Tiruvanamalai where I met the great grand nephew who was actually knowing Ramana. So hearing a lot of stories about the “biggies”, and experiencing it by myself.

I experienced enlightenment as a gift of light, in which I shared this with other souls, reminding of oneness, so we all remember that we are beautiful souls playing here on this planet. In this is what I see the task of sharing satsang. It is to remember that we are souls playing here and in this way lifting ourselves up, out of the identification with our bodies.

One part of us loves the body identification because we love to experience the senses. It is only in a body that we can experience this.

But in the moment that the ego becomes too thick and forgets that we are all divine nature, and you forget that it is God that is playing the show, and not you, then it is time to remember who is playing and that we are here to experience our happiness.

Knowing this about ego and patterning, and working on myself along with my teacher, Sai Baba. I developed as a special gift to work on satsangs, using the name of the person to access the akashic records in order to see what is now currently on the surface of someone’s experience.

At different times we have different patterns. That means that patterns, karma from past lives, is being triggered, they are activated in our subconscious, and from that point they rule our current life experience. And it happens for the purpose of healing. It happens for the purpose of letting go and healing. And no one is free of that. It is only when you are a master, when you know about the duality –which everybody is in, the law of duality- then you can relax and take it easy. That which is the body is always in duality.