In our heart, in our soul, we experience happiness. This happiness created you, and you are in a life journey back into happiness. And everybody is, without exception.

Even if someone says that he’s not interested in spirituality, in some future lifetime he will and everybody is on that journey, without exception. We are all created by the same God, so we are all the same. In the Bible God says: “I will make you how I made myself”. That means God is the light and that same light is inside of you. Only when we are having a body we see different, the essence of us is all the same.

An easy way to understand this is when we take the element of water. We are like water. On the lowest level, on the hardest level, water is frozen. And it is ice cold. Under the microscope, you can see every crystal from the frozen water has a different structure, so everybody is different. Ice cold, frozen, separated. You can cut yourself on the ice. You can make a cut on your finger. We say someone’s heart is frozen, or someone’s feet are frozen of fear. That’s the hardest, most condensed form of water. And we have parts of that inside of us, everybody has this. We all have parts inside of us which you say: “I don’t want you to know this, and I’m hiding it”. But mostly we are very good in hiding it. We are hiding it for many lifetimes. The problem is, the more we have there hard frozen parts, the lowest our next incarnation will be.

This is not a threat; it is simply as it is. Right now you are all living in a pretty good incarnation: good food, might have a good job, you might even save for your next vacation. You belong to the 2% of the highest people on the planet. Often you don’t realize it because you compare yourself to people on the same level. On the village I lived in India no one have a fridge. I didn’t want to have it, being the only one having this luxury item that no one knows what it is. Often we don’t realize that we are very, very rich. There’s always a doctor available for you. 60% of people in India don’t know that doctors exist and that is normal there. So, the nicest thing is to wake up in the morning and to say: “wow, thank you God for this amazing life, my health, for being able to play freely. Thank you for being one of your favourites.”

So, the frozen ice, that’s the separateness, that’s the frozen, that’s the ice cold, that’s the most dense, fearful state that water can have, and that a human being can have.

The second state of being which you know is water like it comes out of the tap, in the river. This is where we want to be, to have things in the flow. You feel everything is right, you see green lights when you are in your car. Everything is flowing for you. You are in the flow of life. You are liquid with life, you feel you are part of existence, existence cares for you, and you care for existence. You know everything feels right and perfect. Suddenly new people come into your life, very good people, and you know, “wow, life is good”.

Unfortunately, usually, it doesn’t keep very long. Because it happens to you and then your ego comes in and wants to make it better. Then you mess it up again. But this is the state we love, when it flows. 

The third state of water is steam.

In the flowing water there are still liquid, water drops, you can still make differences, but they can also merge, it’s a dance. In the third state, in the steam state, there is no difference anymore. When the water is heated and goes into the steam state, you cannot see differences anymore. This is comparable to our Higher Self. This is oneness. That’s the level of love. There is no individuality anymore, we know that in that level we are all one. That level is connected with the angels, with your saints, masters, with God. On that level you make the decisions of what you are going to play on the flow, liquid level.

So whatever you experience here is being decided on the steam level. It’s a mixture of what you know on that level that you have to do and what you want to do. On that level you know you have to balance a lot of karma. You don’t want to do it but you know you have to. So sometimes you have to meet people that hurt you because you hurt them in past lives.

So you, in your personality you say:” I want to have a good life”. Your Higher Self tells you”you can only have a good life once you fix your karma. So fix your karma, meet the people that you hurt in the past.” And everybody is in it. It’s not that someone is more or less bad, everybody goes through that in their life. It is often specially with your first relationship. When you are 18, 19 years old and you are madly in love and that person hurts you so much. You agreed before on that level: “ok, we have to balance that so let’s go through it.”  Whenever you meet somebody and it feels like love at first sight and you can’t live without that person, 100% sure it’s big karma. Sorry to disappoint you when you wait for prince charming, it does not exist. I know I’m destroying a lot of hope here.

So, in this conflict of trying to solve karma fast and having a good life, we are existing. We are existing in that conflict. So for us it’s to have a connection with our Higher Self when we face our karma, when we face or debt of karma. Something inside of ourselves always says, “no, I don’t what that, I don’t want to be hurt.” Like, I’m thinking of getting married with my lover and gave him all my money and then he runs away with somebody else. You can be 100% sure you paid of a lot of debt karma in that moment. And if it only involves money, you are on the good side. Most likely you tortured and killed that person some lifetimes ago. So it is very important to even say yes when life doesn’t seem perfect. In that moment you pay your karmic debt.

We want to be connected to our Higher Self. We are like a marionette, like a puppet, of the Higher Self. 90% is our Higher Self and 10% is the personality, which is our dense body. Often you look at a person and think “I don’t like this person”, and up there (Higher Self) you have:”I kill you, I don’t want to see you anymore”. There’s 10% here, and up there, there are hundred Russian tanks trying to kill the person. Those feelings that you have in the background, they are connected to your Higher Self.

So, when you are in touch to your Higher Self, you are in touch with your own creation and you know everything is good. The art of living is always being in a “yes” with your Higher Self. In good times, in bad times; “I created this. Yes God, yes Higher Self.” In that way you keep the door open. In the moment you say “no, I don’t want that”, you disconnect from that divine energy flow. And you make yourself weaker, because this energy flow gives you all your life energy. And you have to go through that which you have to go through anyhow. However good or bad, you have to face it. So when you give a yes to life, a yes to every situation, you stay in your power, you stay in your connection with your Higher Self. This is called acceptance. This is the first achievement in your spiritual life, to accept things as they come to you. 

And on the steam level, on the soul level, you know that you are an eternal soul that never dies, and everything is a game.