Making decisions on a Higher level

When that in you which is dark; the superiority, arrogance, the power comes in, your heart closes. Your heart is the indicator of what you’re currently thinking, what you’re currently in. That is for all of us. Our heart -our Being- either expands or contracts.
There was a movement in the States, and the people belonging to it would where chains around their necks that would say WWJD, which means: “What Would Jesus Do?” They called themselves “Jesus people”.

What it meant was, that in every moment, in every decision, it’s like, “is it serving a higher aspect of me, or is it serving a lower aspect, an egoistic aspect?” This is very strong in you, these both parts. Whenever we allow the higher purpose, we serve God in us. Everything which starts with that decision becomes bigger and more beautiful, people are involved, everybody receives from it.
When you make a decision which is for your ego -which contracts- you find yourself alone. You find yourself struggling.

This is, for example, I can only give myself an only give myself as an example, I watch my own journey and I’m always surprised about it.

When I have to make decisions, I never make decisions by myself, for myself. I have no clue how to ask myself what to do. We always sit down in our group, tune in and say: “What does guidance want? What does God wants us to do?” From that moment on we are aligning ourselves to divine wisdom, to divine guidance, and it has nothing to do with us, or with me, and then things are happening on that level. So, as soon as you start a project with God on the higher level, everybody on that level benefits, everybody who comes in contact benefits with it benefits from that action.

So, for example, you guys are sitting here. I would never go to Tavale Festival for myself, never ever. First time I went there. When we were sitting in the car and debating about it, what would we go there? There are so many places to go and we could have a rest. And I said, no, Baba wants us to go to this festival. And so we went there, without us knowing where to stay, no clue about it. And you see what happens; it’s very important for some of you guys, and whatever needed to happen, happened.

For me it’s constantly: “God, your will shall be done. Not my will.” This is for everybody. So this movement, “What would Jesus Do”?  was a huge movement in the States. Lets do the highest option. Lets not think for our fearful, greedy, little ego, but let’s go for the higher option. Our ego always present us: “care for yourself, you never have enough, try to make enough money, …” God says, “why not? It’s there, just make yourself available for me and you have everything.
In the moment we do that with God, everything flows. That’s the way of Dharma. Dharma means you start actions with God and you stay on that level, on the divine level.