Power of our thoughts

Most of us underestimate the power of our thoughts. With your thoughts you create constantly your world. Most of these thoughts originate from fear, this why it’s so important to get out the fears. Because the less fear you have, the less thoughts you have. The less fear, the less thoughts, the more God can take over.                                                                                                      

For example, you are not aware of how you are thinking constantly about your mother. For me, I see these thoughts. For you, they became part of you and you are not even aware of it. When I worked with you yesterday on this mother story, how you continuously watch, you were very surprised. But I only picked up on the thoughts you constantly have.

They become so much a part of us, like you are on a forest and there are bushes all over. You say, “yeah, there are bushes, they belong to the forest”. This is the same as the thoughts, you say “they belong to me”. In reality they are just thoughts going crazy all the time.

It’s like a garden, you have to pull out the weeds. They grow by themselves. You have to water the good plants, make sure that they are growing and take care of it. And you have to take out the weeds, because they grow faster. The weeds are the thoughts that constantly grow by themselves. When the weeds take over, they kill the good plants. Pulling out the weeds is your discipline.   It is to remember who you are; either by doing your meditation, doing SACRED work, or just being in silence. It is to remember you are a good plant, and you are not a weed. It is easy to become a weed, but it is not so easy to become a good plant.

A master was once asked from a disciple: “How alert do I have to be so that the illusion doesn’t get me again?”. He said: “Imagine you are in the night in a dark cage with 50 poisoned snakes. Any moment they can get you. This is how aware you have to be all the time with the illusion getting you.”