To lift ourselves we need a teacher

Once you play God’s game, the game becomes so beautiful; you give a shit about your business and relationships. Then you can truly play. Until that time you always feel that something is wrong, everything is effort… business, relationships, and nobody likes me, competition and jealousy and envy… And then suddenly one day you go: “ok, God, I’m fully exhausted, I can’t do it anymore.” And God says: “Finally! Now you are with me my child”. Then he takes you by the hand and says: “ok, let’s have an amazing life together”.

Until you surrender to God’s game you are fighting, you are fighting with life. There’s a beautiful song I have and it says: “When you don’t fight with life, life takes you on it shoulders.” I needed it for myself, I was fighting with life and with Baba.

And we need this time of stupidly fighting against happiness. It’s like a little child saying: “I want ice cream, and sweets, and more sweets, it tastes so good!” The parents say: “you know; it gives caries, it gives dental infection, it might give pain. Too much sugar gives stomach ache.” And the child goes: “no, no, no, I want more!”

It’s the same, God is saying: “Ok, you got all the food and it made you sick, you got all the sex and you know after some time it goes down the river. You got all the money, you played it, and played it, and played it. How much longer do you want to take more of that which makes you unhappy?”

To lift ourselves we need a teacher.

We all live our life being adjusted to our pain and unhappiness. We all have that. This is our ego. We deal with that which is, and that’s what our ego knows. So we are living in our homemade prison of ideas how our life is and supposed to be, and we share these ideas with our friends and relatives on the same level. And this is how it is. On that level it’s like cement, like concrete, it’s very hard to…(gesture of lifting the hands up)… Because your entire world; all your friends, your society, your socializing circle and friends, they are all in that, in that same level.

So when you move, when you want to release and you want to get out of that, you are not just dealing with yourself. In Buddhism they call it attachments. You have to let go of all your attachments, which is part of your ego, which is part of your identity. Each of you knows how hard it is.

And then some crazy ideas go around, like what I heard some days ago: “oh, I have a spiritual teacher and he makes me rich”. I never heard of that, seems to be a myth, that the teacher makes you rich. Because I came to Baba, he took all my money away, 30000 euros, all my money away. And I have several friends all the same. So the idea that you become rich because you start a spiritual path, I tell you, it’s not true.

And so when you are in this energy field of your society, of your surroundings, of your attachment… In order to get out of this massive… which is you because you are identified with… in order to get out of that you need a teacher, or a guide. Without a guide you can’t get it. Because that person has been there, he knows where you are in.

So, he can, with his experience give you a road map, and step by step, little by little, help you. This is why we had our private meeting where we talked about your interactions with me. So what happens is, in the moment you start, your soul is called to move on, you allow spiritual guide in your life, in that moment for me Baba says: “there are 150 people who are your students, so I give you the energy for these 150 people”. So he blasts that energy through me to the people are not ready to go directly to Him. So I have this energy, and I give this to the people. And they play they’re drama of not accepting it, so then it all comes back to me and I’m all… [gesture of “in turmoil”]. –laughter-

You can feel it by yourself when you allow that energy flow to you. When you allow it you feel that I love you. Ok, so it’s Baba loving you through me. And you just allow that energy flow, and you know that with your problems or whatever you have, you can come to me. And you feel there is one person in your life who gives you unconditional love. This is already a very big step in your life, to say:“ok, I trust one person in my life to love me”. Most people don’t have that. So to allow one person to love you, to be with one person in a trust and loving relationship, is a huge, huge step.

They say: “when you accept your teacher in your life it’s like putting your head in the mouth of the lion.” Because that’s the beginning of the end. Because this person, the teacher, makes that space in you which is good bigger, that space which already knows what is good and bad. Suddenly you have a person in the outside who helps you to do the right thing. And so then it’s so hard to do the bad thing.