Until you surrender to God’s game you are fighting

Until you surrender to God’s game you are fighting, you are fighting with life. There’s a beautiful song I have and it says: “When you don’t fight with life, life takes you on it shoulders.” I needed it for myself, I was fighting with life and with Baba.

And we need this time of stupidly fighting against happiness. It’s like a little child saying: “I want ice cream, and sweets, and more sweets, it tastes so good!” The parents say: “you know; it gives cavities, it gives dental infection, it might give pain. Too much sugar gives stomach ache.” And the child goes: “no, no, no, I want more!”

It’s the same, God is saying: “Ok, you got all the food and it made you sick, you got all the sex and you know after some time it goes down the river. You got all the money, you played it, and played it, and played it…
How much longer do you want to take more of that which makes you unhappy?”