Sathya Sai Baba

                Can you find Raaman in this picture?

               Can you find Raaman in this picture?

When you said "Yes" to Me

When you said "Yes" to Me you gave up the right to be like everyone else.

That is why you draw experiences to yourself that will cleanse yourself of that which does not fit who you are.

Over, and over, again, and again until I make you see that the past no longer works.

I challenge you and tempt you every day with your past, so that you may see that the past is ultimate delusion.

When you said "Yes" to Me you gave Me your body, your thoughts, your actions.

When they don't suit the new you, the uncomfortableness is unbearable.

It is so EVERY time until you realize this fully;

then and only then will you completely give up desire.

For this is the only way man will learn.

Very seldom does he learn by quiet reminders.

Man's desires and pitfalls are placed there so that I may do my work.

When you give up totally, then the temptations will fade.

I will never give up on you.

Every slip will become harder to bear and less easy to remedy. 

You will tire of your foolishness because I love you

and whether or not completely aware of it, you did say "Yes".


- Sathya Sai Baba

Every human being yearns to be peaceful, happy and content. As these are inherent qualities of our soul, we strive to realize who we are beyond our body attachments which are made up by desires and pains.                                                    " Inside peace - outside pieces"..

Only when we let go of the attachment to repeating the endless cycle of pain and pleasure and realize that we are the immortal in-dweller of this body vehicle, we can abide in the peace and joy of our infinite soul. For this we have to release our bodily attachments, desires and pains which we are holding on to. We are on this journey together, of transforming ourselves so the Lord can use us as His pure instruments for His mission. Right after Swami left His body he asked me to give talks and workshops in various Sai Baba centres about the meaning of His sudden and unannounced bodily departure.  He gives so many signs and keeps communicating with us, so we know, that HE is still alive.  Very clearly demonstrating, that if HE doesn't die, we also won't die. This is the biggest grace and the essence of all his spiritual teachings. 

When Baba left his body, He also left his urgent teachings of transformation behind for us... He definitely did his work, but are we doing ours?? Do we follow His 3 P's (Purity, Perseverance, and Patience) which are necessary for becoming a hollow and empty flute, so He can play His divine tunes through us? Are we spending a big part of our time in self-investigation and selfless service to others in order to transform into a humble instrument for our Lord? I think, we all know, that we can do much better in those regards. Mostly we behave like disobedient children when He pulls us through some dark aspects in us that need to be transmuted. Only very few of us realize, that this is mainly what His Divine incarnation is for.        As Sai Baba had announced: "In this Avathaar (Divine Incarnation) the wicked will not be destroyed; they will be corrected, reformed and educated and led back to the path from which they have strayed.."(SS speaks,Vol.1, Ch. 2) And HE clearly pointed out to us, what he expects from his devotees in order to be part of his mission: "Your duty is to cleanse yourself and engage in your own purification. (SS speaks, Vol.1, Ch. 12) and "If there is no spiritual transformation in your way of life over the years, you are guilty of having wasted all your energies, time, and opportunities." (-Baba- Life is a Game, pg. 271)               "All religions exhort man to cleanse the heart of malice, greed hate and anger. All religions hold out the gift of Grace as the prize for success in this cleansing process." (Unity, Purity, Divinity, p. 33)
"Be pure in word and deed, and keep impure thoughts away. When the clothes become dirty, you have to give them for wash. When your mind is soiled, you have to be born again, for the cleansing operations." (U.P.D. p. 34) And in His 86` Guru Poornima Address: "The wise man controls the mind and purifies the heart by removing bad thoughts and replacing them with good thoughts. Do not underestimate the power of good thoughts. They are sacred and divine, having great impact on the individual entertaining them. On that day when we free ourselves from the evil thoughts which have solidified within us, we will be able to have a vision of God."
Reform yourself, the world will get reformed  And even though Swami mostly fulfills our worldly desires for our benefits, he wants us to put our focus on that which furthers us towards our liberation:              "Ask me about steps in spiritual discipline, not petty trivial, binding desires". (Splendor of SS. p. 85)

During  Darshan in Feb. 2003 Sai Baba has personally blessed the S.A.C.R.E.D. Transformation work.       We make ourselves available to assist and support everybody who is willing to transform himself in order to create peace in their own life, their families, and on the planetary level.. 
"I do not want your praise. I want your transformation" -Baba- 87` J.Thomas. p.271

We humbly offer the S.A.C.R.E.D. work for free to our Sai Family members, which are actively involved in Sai Center activities and/or other selfless services.

                                                              Love all - Serve all
                                                                OM SRI SAI RAM 

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