Before meeting Raaman and his Sangha students, I had been searching for help for 22 years. It all started at the age of 21 when I got severely sick: I developed difficulties to walk, had to stop running, and my eyes could not stand the day light anymore. The many doctors I visited had been of little help.

At the age of 25, I started yoga with the hope I would find a way to heal. I quickly became aware that my body was holding a lot of of physical tensions. Assuming these tensions originated in traumatic experiences, I underwent many different kinds of traditional and alternative psychotherapies. From Gestalt therapy to rebirthing, and from Chi Kong to Tantra. Even becoming a sannyasin of the popular Indian Master Osho, hoping that this will bring some relief to my hopeless state of being. After 11 years of investigations which brought a certain tension release, I dropped psychotherapy. The 9 following years, I spent most of my holidays in retreats with satsang teachers.

Three years ago the pain in my feet made walking very difficult,Besides of that I suffered suffered all day when I was working in front of the computer. After one year without any prospect of healing, I decided I had to quit my job in Europe. A few months later, I went to live in Thailand in order to fully devote myself for my much needed healing. There, emotions from   traumatic childhood experiences arose again. Although I had been feeling them every now and then for 20 years, I never succeeded to remember or re-experience these traumas, non the less work through them and heal myself.

Being desperate, I prayed to the universe for help . I could not bear any more pain.

Then I met Raaman. He was just walking in front of my bungalow. After my first individual session, I knew he was the man that could help me, so I joined all his healing events, satsangs and man groups on the island.

I also participated inthe SACRED retreats, where Raaman initiates people and teaches in a learning-by-doing way how to give Sacred Work sessions. These latter are emotional release sessions happening in a state of deep relaxation (nothing to do with the hard emotional release work, like rebirthing, I experienced in the past). It is named Sacred Work because it received the blessings of Sai Baba. After the first workshop, I started very enthusiastically to offer SACRED sessions to friends: all of them were surprised of diving so deeply into their emotions and to feel healed and transformed after them. They were all amazed to see me suddenly being capable of giving such powerful and profound healing sessions.

After several months in Thailand, I decided to follow Raaman and his other students to Sai Baba’s ashram in India. This place felt unfamiliar to me. And I had to drop my resistances to open myself to Sai Baba.

Through the sessions exchanged with the other students of the SACRED Sangha, I started to be able to enter past emotional states on my own. Finally, the revelation I have been waiting for during 20 years occurred. The traumatic experience I was guessing was uncovered by a friend. A few days later, another friend helped me to explore a deeper aspect of this trauma. For more than a week, I have been feeling and crying over this difficult experience again and again. Since then, many tensions in my back have released.

I have also started to explore past lives and their influences on my actual behavior and patterns. Compared to the past life regressions I experienced before, the Sacred Work helped me to dive much deeper into these very old memories, and most important, to finally let go of all these energies and beliefs that have been making my life a very unhappy and isolated life.

I understand the efficiency and the depth of the Sacred Work to be the result of a very powerful combination: Sai Baba’s love and guidance, Raaman’s very strong involvement and extreme sensitivity, the support provided among the SacredSangha students, and the simplicity and natural power of the releasing technique.

Among Raaman’s actual six students, I am the only man. I greatly benefit from the love and attention of five very sensitive women. It is a real challenge for my old habit of withdrawing and living like a hermit.

With Sai Baba, Raaman, and his Sangha community, I found more than the help I prayed for. It is giving me a direction for a new life, which I could have not even have imagined possible.