What is S.A.C.R.E.D.

Surrender is to detect and willingly let go of ego based behavior patterns. Patterns are like computer viruses which if undetected will us make repeat the same mistakes over and over again and ruin our life and relationships.  

Awareness is being mindful of thoughts, words and actions to honor and respect our inherent sense of integrity and dignity.  

Consciousness  Through prayers we surrender all our own personal ideas, words and actions. We ask to be guided and inspired by the Highest Consciousness in our sessions.

Releasing is applying an established process of using Divine Guidance in releasing and forgiving negative attitudes and pain based behaviors. “I release and I let go, and I let GOD run my show!”

Eternity is realizing the joyful immortal, infinite Soul- Self, merging in GOD, reaching the goal of our spiritual journey.

Dharma is engaging oneself only in non egoistic Divinely inspired acts of compassion, thus benefiting all souls involved.

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Every moment of your life gives you a chance to change and transform. It’s just enough to silently say to yourself, when you are engaged in some unhappy encounter or situation: “There must be a better way”. This already brakes the flow of the ego, which otherwise would continue, and create whatever pain you know from your past. Again, again and again..

In fact, this makes surrendering so easy … just not you fully insisting to run a known course is all that you have to do … in every single case, in every situation where an underlying awkward feeling informs you, that the direction of this encounter will definitely not create a happy ending.

This is true application of your responsibility – responding to that, what your feelings, foresight, and Intuition makes you aware of. Taking a little breath, and acknowledging that a different possibility does exist in this particular moment. It’s a drawing in of a higher power, allowing something new, unknown, healing for everybody involved to happen.


This braking of the “chain of events, as they would go” automatically creates a space for awareness to flow in. It turns one’s intention from fighting and controlling the Ego created situation into humbly bowing down to a higher power to dissolve this insane quarrel, in which you always loose in the long run. It creates a pathway for awareness from our Higher Self to flow into our ego movie.


The individual human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database. This database is human consciousness and our own consciousness is merely an individual expression by itself. Through self purification, meditation, prayers and non egoistic intention a person might be able to access these realms of Highest Consciousness ( Christ Consciousness) which transcends time and space and all limitations of individual Consciousness.


So when it’s finished, we look at it and understand it, and finally can let go of it, together with its charge and appearance in our life script. We will be able to observe and recognize that it was nothing than a small shadow part of ourselves, pretending to be real and having power over us, existing mainly through our ignorance and postponement of addressing this unwanted virus in our software earlier, when it showed its impact to be healed and forgiven.


After the complete release is done, you feel like being enveloped in eternal love, lifted up by angels, being part and connected to something bigger, a co-operator of love divine, invincible to harm and negativity. Yes, that’s our true state of being, and these glimpses of utter completeness is the bait of our soul to keep us working on ourselves, so eventually we will abide in this state of “Heaven” forever. We achieve it after releasing our deepest fears and pains and resulting identifications with our body appearance. Reminding us of being an immortal soul. That’s part of our daily homework, our spiritual path, sadhana or penance, whatever words one might apply to it.


When you have released and transformed so much of your patterning, that your soul has become neutral, desireless and unattached to suffering, it can be used by Divinity to serve and love unconditionally, selfless, without having constantly an eye on the rewards of your doing.

Everybody coming in touch with this energy receives a deep impact of divine healing, because the earthly carrier of it does not mix it up with ego intentions and can therefore be a clean and pure channel of it. The quality and aura we adore so much in saints and sages all over the world is easily recognized in these teachers of God.

May Peace prevail in our one heart and heal the whole Earth,


Love yourself enough to heal yourself